N106: Essentials of Nursing Care: Chronicity


N106: Essentials of Nursing Care:  Chronicity 

Course Length: 6 weeks (approximately 24 hours)

Course Semester Hours: 3SH

Additional Text: none required


This examination tests the student’s ability to apply concepts and principles relevant to the nursing care of patients across the lifespan in community settings who are experiencing chronic illness, disability, or end of life, with primary health concerns including, comfort, pain, and sensory impairment. The examination requires the student to use the nursing process as a framework for critical thinking and clinical decision making. Evidenced-based nursing care and standards for nursing practice as well as ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns are addressed. In addition, students are required to apply principles, concepts, and theories from nursing science as well as the natural and social sciences, and the humanities to the practice of nursing.

Exam Facilitator: ECE

Exam Fee: $235

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